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When there is a critical failure in your drainage system, the entire repair process can be an absolute headache. A large part of this is because drainage networks are a strange and challenging concept to understand, which puts you in a poor position for hiring and negotiating with any technicians.

Many of us don’t even consider the fact that our drainage system exists, never mind how it actually functions. After all, as soon as the water runs down our plughole, it is no longer our concern – until something goes wrong, most commonly being blocked drains.

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Hiring someone to fix whatever problem has arisen can be troublesome. It is not like hiring someone to paint a wall where you have a generally good idea of the process that is going to take place as well as what the end result you should expect.

Drainage system repairs, conversely, are much more complicated. It is not just a case of making aesthetic changes; you are altering a vital structure which can require a considerable number of tasks to complete.

This can include diagnostic work, excavatory projects, as well as other specialised equipment and processes.

Over and above being more complicated, hiring a cowboy drainage technician can cause significant damage. If the technician does not do their job properly, it will lead to widespread flooding and, generally, unguided water. The following clean-up can be incredibly disruptive and costly.

It is essential that you hire someone you know to have a deep understanding of what they are doing, and a robust reputation for quality and reliable work. Taking a risk on someone you cannot trust can pay off, but it will very rarely do so when it comes to such a critical and technical project.

What We Do

For the average person, drainage systems are a mystery. We know roughly that water is supposed to run through it, and that a blockage or break is usually the cause of the problem, but beyond that everything else is beyond the average person’s understanding.

This is not because people are stupid, of course, but it is just a very niche subject! However, we would argue that it is indeed something you should look into at one point in your life or another.

We are always transparent with our customers and try to keep everyone as up to date as possible with what is going on. However, we know that many companies take advantage of people’s ignorance by overcharging or misleading their customers, making false promises and charging unexplained fees.

This isn’t right, so we want to arm you with some information on exactly what we do for a living!

By giving you some insight as to what we do on a day to day basis you can make sure the company you hire gives you the service you deserve without cutting corners or using out of date equipment and techniques.


How it Works

On this website, we will create various pages which cover a particular topic or closely related series of topics. Each of these will leave you in a better position when it comes to dealing with drainage professionals.

Having a good idea of what tactics they might use to get rid of a clog, or how they can work out what a problem is without digging up your garden, means you should be able to spot more readily when some cowboy is trying to charge you for unnecessary or outdated services.

For example, one page might discuss the ways in which you can tell whether or not your pipe has collapsed. Another might outline precisely how a CCTV survey works and why it is vital to the modern drainage repair industry.

What We Don’t Cover

We aren’t going to give you tips on how to repair your drains. All of the issues we are likely to comment on are jobs for professionals. This is not only because is it difficult to work on, but it also requires incredibly specialised equipment which requires significant expertise for proper use.

Any problems smaller than this, or for maintenance matters, there are plenty of other blogs on the internet that will discuss how to maintain your drainage system. These are more in line with plumbing work, rather than drainage, which is much more accessible for DIY hobbyists.

Our aim is merely to shed light on what we do on a day to day basis so that you have a better idea of why you are hiring people or at least roughly what you are hiring them to do. If you go in entirely blind, then you are at risk of being charged obscene amounts for work which is never actually carried out.

For example, if you hire someone to clean your drainage system and they aren’t using a high-pressure water jet then it is probably best that you look elsewhere. They are either doing nothing or are so incompetent they haven’t invested in the correct gear.

If you hire someone to diagnose a problem and they opt to go for excavation rather than undertaking a CCTV survey then, again, you should probably hire a different company. They will only be causing significant disruption at a considerable cost in order to waste your money.

In essence, the purpose of this blog is to prepare you for hiring drainage technicians. As odd as that sounds, being prepared can help you to avoid having to pay money to cowboy tradespeople who do half a job slowly - and poorly!

We are open to all questions so if you need to know anything specific don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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